Project Activities

In order to deepen the students' learning experiences, some activities were conducted to complement the lessons that were done in the classrooms:

Talk by NUS lecturer

A talk by Assoc. Prof. Cheah Kok Ming was done in the initial weeks of the module to kickstart the students' exposure to Architecture Design. Below are some pictures from the talk:

Demo sessions for modeling

Demo lessons for physical modeling were also conducted in-house to help students to realise their ideas. Key aspects that were covered were in the use of easy-to-find, everyday, household materials like abrasive paper, pot scrubbers and toothpicks. Below are some of the students' work-in-progress, utilising those materials:

Parti Diagrams

Students were exposed to some aspects of architecture design throughout their lesson experiences in the classrooms. One of the topic covered was on the use of Parti Diagrams, as a trigger for their designs. Below are some doodles of their parti diagrams, captured on post-its.